Identity, naming and branding concept designed for a new brand of T-shirts and accessories. Seayou was the name chosen for the brand. It included the words: sea and you. While sounding, obviously, as the sentence “see you”. Key words which easily identify the values the brand would like to convey: easiness, friendship and freedom. 

Client Seayou Studio Ciandreamy Art Direction — Naming – Branding — Video Valentina Ciandrini

In the lettering, the “a” was slightly modified to create the image of a stylized pufferfish. The latter was later extrapolated to become the official logo. Simple, linear and easily recognizable, just as the client requested.

In addition to the logo, the artwork for the T-shirts was created, together with the artwork for the accessories and for paper and online ads promoting the opening of the first store in Riccione.



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