Ciandreamy is the Design & Art Direction practice of Valentina Ciandrini, an Italian designer specialized in branding and packaging design, with a lively and fresh visual language.

This brand name is the result of the crasis between Valentina’s surname and the word “dreamy”. A play on words whose sound in Italian is identical to that of the surname. The name was given to her when she was young, by a friend who claims that she is a dreamer and, as such, more inclined to creativity.

The brand/logo combines the letters C and D in “ciandreamy”. Its abstract lines, thus created, are the parts of a cloud, a winking eye, the letter K, or anything else a person might see in it.

Ciandreamy: Makes your brand better.

Studio Ciandreamy | Art Direction – Naming – Branding – Packaging – Print – Video – promo – Web Design Valentina Ciandrini | Photo Francesco Moscato | Web editing Paolo Beltrando


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