This logo was created for the Darsena Sunsetbar, one of the most renowned Clubs and lounge bars in the Riviera Romagnola.

The Sunsetbar owes its name to the fact that it is located within the dock (“Darsena”) of the seaport of Rimini, with a breath-taking panorama, especially at sunset. This place conceals the symbols which tie the city of Rimini and the sea, so the client specifically requested a logo which included the stylized image of a mermaid, capable of blending with the lettering and that could be extrapolated, in the future, as a brand logo.

A sans-serif font was selected, to match the linear logo. This choice was meant to lend the brand an identity that was young and connected to the sea, but, at the same time, elegant.

Client Darsena sunsetbar Studio Ciandreamy

Designer – Branding  Valentina Ciandrini Video © Darsena Sunsetbar


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